The series of ACTivate digital study guides provide opportunities for expression designed to stimulate community discussions that have the power to motivate citizens to action. ACT in the title ACTivate stands for “Arts Curriculum Tool” because we believe art creates socio-emotional connections to learning that can deepen the impact of the lesson.

ACTivate uses creative writing prompts to encourage personal responsibility and community involvement, emphasizing the longterm impact that seemingly small actions have overtime. The writing prompts invoke deeper discussions that inspire hands on artistic exploration. From poetry to music to mixed media creation, ACTivate content offers a variety of ways to expand critical thinking and motivate choices that positively influence communities by empowering youth and families. 

Read Between The Lines vol. 1

Digital Study Guide

The first volume in the ACTivate series supports workshops that explore the life skills content of A FERRY TALE, the hip hop soul musical authored by Nak Jently aimed at predatory prevention.

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Reel Work

Digital Storytelling Guide

The Reel Work study guide features a series of interactive challenges designed to stimulate creativity while promoting social justice. The exercises are individually recorded on video and combined to create a larger documentary film. 




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Partner with us as we campaign to open the door to the arts for more young people of color in communities where disparities exist.

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