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Skool Of Artistic Revelation (SOAR) is inviting community members, artists, teens, faith leaders, and the creatively-curious to sign up for the Dramatic Dialogues program. Dramatic Dialogues produces theatrical presentations to spark conversations that raise awareness, promote advocacy, and activate communities. 


The 2024 summer production takes a look at the work of grace through the lens of social justice and equity.

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INGATHERING OF GRACE is a full length, new musical that takes an honest look at the challenges to advancing the work of equity in solidarity.  The book and lyrics are by Memphian, Jenita Nakamura. The music was created by Nak Jently with production and arrangement by Kyle Donald, Julian Henderson, Carlos Broady, Chris Thomas, and David McNair. The play is Directed by Jenita Nakamura, and the show music is conducted by Marcus King. The cast of INGATHERING OF GRACE is filled with home grown talent, featuring sensational artists such as Mariah Michelle, A.J.Rhymez, Empress Joyce, Queen Tyki X, and American Idol finalist, Lil Rounds.


Watch the video to hear a music snippet from the production.







Practicing Art To Heal (PATH) is a multi-week program that implements art-making as a tool for self-soothing and developing coping skills. By Focusing on personal reflection and deep listening in a supportive environment, the program makes space for participants to investigate their own beliefs, desire, and emotions without the pressure to conform to outside opinions. Artistic projects are allowed to grow overtime, and participants that wish to share their work are guided through the publishing process. Examples of published works include documentaries, podcasts, albums, and poetry books.


Recommended for ages 11 and up. 

Programmatic content is completely customizable based on the needs of the group. Popular content options include:

Confidence Collaborative
Offers respite from the effects of bullying by using art making to cultivate self confidence and acceptance in a moderated environment.

Memorial Reunion
Honors the legacy of loved ones by gathering in community to celebrate life and infuse the grief journey with artistic coping skills that produce tangible keepsakes.

Affinity Retreats
Aimed at resilience & recovery, this program provides a haven for artistic reflection among groups of people with similar shared life experiences. With community building in mind, these collaborative workshops explore healing tactics designed to overcome the effects of trauma caused by circumstances involving racism, socio-economic inequities, gender based discrimination, and justice system involvement.


The class where beating on the table is acceptable! 

Recommended Middle & High Schoolers.

From writing lyrics to making beats, and singing for audio recordings, StoryTunes allows young people to strengthen their literacy skills by setting their life experiences to music.

StoryTunes combines songwriting, music production, and publishing to practice written and verbal communication skills while fostering socio-emotional learning that forges entrepreneurial spirit.


Recommended for ages 10-14.

PLAYMAKERS is our program aimed at producing playwrights one story at a time.



We use vocab to collab and create plays featuring original prose & poetry while contributing to the confidence of young writers through socio-emotional learning.



PLAYMAKERS strengthens literacy by creating space for budding writers to build skills and share their art with peers in a supportive environment.



seasonal PROGRAMS



Don’t miss this exciting performing arts camp led by entertainment industry professionals and teaching artists, featuring a performance with American Idol Finalist, Lil Rounds. With choices in classes for singing, rapping, dancing, and acting, Camp ICON is the place for young people to be creative and build confidence.



Sign up for our spring break camp today!

Campers are guaranteed to reach new heights of creativity at the SOAR INTO SPRING creative camp! This camp is a 4 day arts and crafts experience for students in grades 1-5. Campers will be guided through a rotation of activities including music, movement, mindfulness, drama, drawing, and more!

Camp meets Monday March 13th thru Thursday March 16th from 1:00-3:00pm. The fee is $10 per student and covers sign up, supplies & snacks. No student will be turned away due to cost. Contact Camp Director, Jenita Nakamura, by emailing

 Registration is now closed

2022 Soar summer camp

(Camp registration is now closed. Contact us for info on upcoming camps)

lights. camera. action!

Teens are guaranteed to have an exciting time on the set! Working alongside peers with the support of professional teaching artists, Future Filmmakers ages 13-17 will collaborate to create projects for a showcase on the last day, at the end of camp. Experience isn’t necessary, but it is welcome! 


Camp includes four sessions that happen every Friday night in June on 6/4, 6/11, 6/18 & 6/25 from 530-830pm. Festivities are held at MBAA Firehouse, that are held at MBAA Firehouse located at 985 S. Bellevue Blvd, and Campers kick off each night with free food and fellowship followed by filmmaking fun! 


Scene snippets from the 2022 SOAR Future Filmmakers showcase


Check out how these teens creatively devised and scripted original scenes about real life lessons learned. Refusing to be held back by what they didn’t have, these talented campers used cell phones and every inch of space at the MBAA Firehouse to produce nuggets of wisdom during the SOAR Future Filmmakers Camp! Working collaboratively, these blossoming artists dramatized, filmed, and edited scenes that they were able to share in a showcase for family and friends on the last day of camp.








“Literacy is life…PLAYMAKERS helps young people live”



“I will be forever grateful for the staff at PLAYMAKERS. They gave my son confidence for life.”


Parent & Teacher

“I wish I could get my kids into
reading and writing the way PLAYMAKERS does ”


Community Supporter

“PLAYMAKERS is creating change in the lives of young people and remembering to keep it fun while they do it.”

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SOAR accepts programming support in a variety of ways, from donated writing supplies to tax deductible financial contributions. Please visit our contact us page to connect with a member of our team about becoming a donor.